The Promise

Promises are made to be broken, they say. But I believe that promises are meant to be kept. The logic is, why would you utter a promise in the first place when you feel that you can’t fulfill it? It’s mere futility.

Well, a few years ago, I made a serious promise to Jehovah. It was so serious that I even burst into tears while offering my supplication. I promised to Jehovah God that I would volunteer in any form of the foreign ministry – and the Japanese congregation was in my mind that time. I was very eager to fulfill that promise back then. We even enrolled in a language center where we took our two-month Japanese course. I was even able to encourage three sisters to enroll. It was such a memorable experience.

Ironically, I couldn’t keep my promise. The three sisters made it a point to associate with the Japanese congregation. It makes me feel bad every time I see the photographs of brothers and sisters. It was as if I was gone in the picture all of a sudden. This makes me feel shattered, helpless, and sad. I feel that my sense of self-worth is gradually decreasing. And knowing that I couldn’t please Jehovah God because of this unwise action makes me feel down more than ever.

The lesson? Never utter a promise without any forethought. Try to outline some steps first as to how you will be able to keep your promise. I may not be volunteering now, but I want to, someday. Moreover, what’s holding me back from keeping my promise?