Who Says Introverts Don’t Feel Lonely?

Introverts, according to psychological theory, are people whose energy are directed inward – on their own thoughts and feelings. They are generally more reserved and quiet than extraverts. Introverts are people who find pleasure in having some lone time, in doing solitary activities such as reading, writing, meditating, and spending time with nature. Though introverts generally prefer being alone, they feel lonely too.

I am an introvert. There are instances when I would just withdraw from the crowd and do the things I love to do – that may be reading, writing, blogging, playing some music, strolling, and going to the mall. Every time I engage in a social gathering, I feel weak and drained afterwards. When I have no choice but to socialize with people, I use my very limited energy in spending time with them. And I am willing to do so. But I feel weak and drained afterwards. It’s really funny. And that’s just me.

Though I enjoy being alone, I feel lonely too. That’s why I need someone to talk to at times. I need someone to lean on. I need to have a trusted friend whom I can always tell my worries freely. So, who says introverts don’t feel lonely?